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You should know that, by clicking the button below:

  • You understand that you will be asked personal questions about your school, your friends, your family, and yourself.

  • You understand that a few questions may be upsetting: The survey includes questions about feelings, mood, life stresses, social support, substance use, self-harm, and victimisation. If you find yourself upset, you know that you can contact the research group at and we will help you with any problems that you may have. If you or your parents/legal guardians have any question concerning how I will handle the information that you provide, feel free to ask me more questions by email and/or to contact the Research Ethics Committee at DCU:

  • You acknowledge that your participation in the study is voluntary and that you are aware that you may choose to terminate your participation in the study at any time and for any reason.

  • You understand that the data collected for the purposes of this study will be held confidentially and will be anonymised.

  • Your survey will be given an identification number only, which will prevent any of the questionnaire responses from being directly linked with the identity of the participant. All data will be kept in a secure place and on a secure server.

  • You understand that in order to participate in this study, written parental consent for youth under the age of 18 is required.

Consent to take part in this research (each box should be ticked if the participant consent to take part in this study)
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